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Keeping you at home

Stopping your foreclosure

Helping you Fight against a Foreclosure

Similar to how other bankruptcy options will stop debt collectors, filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will immediately stop a foreclosure proceeding while the bankruptcy is processing. Often times, this allows you to keep your home.


The temporary freeze on the foreclosure also often allows you to catch up on the payments you are behind on or negotiate a more favorable payment structure. Let Southwell & O'Rourke P.S. help you stop a foreclosure process or get a handle on your outstanding debt.

Get the debt relief you need

If you have a second mortgage, but your home is worth less than your first mortgage, this form of bankruptcy can often be invaluable to you. Stop living with mountains of debt; let us get moving on your bankruptcy options today.


How Chapter 13 helps

  • Save your home

  • Catch up on loans

  • Manage debts over time

  • Discharge several debts


Dig yourself out of a hole with our help

Has your debt reached the point in which you don't see yourself paying it off? Are the bills increasing by the month instead of decreasing with your payments? Bankruptcy might be the option for you. We can help you with Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, and Chapter 13 bankruptcies.